Ageless Perla Wall and Floor Tiles.  Rectified.
Ageless Perla Porcelain Floor Tile. Rectified
Ageless Marfil Porcelain Floor Tile




Porcelain floor tile with rectified edges to allow for minimal grout joints. 

Ageless Perla
59 x 59cm
59 x 59cm Porcelain Floor Tile.  Rectified edges to allow minimal grout joints
Ageless Gris 
59 x 59cm
Ageless Marfil.  Porcelain Floor Tiles
Ageless Marfil 
59 x 59cm

Ceramic wall tiles with rectified edges

Ageless Bianco ceramic wall tile
Ageless Bianco 29 x 89cm
Ageless Gris Ceramic Wall Tile Rectified
Ageless Gris 29 x 89cm
Ageless Blanco Chanel Ceramic Wall Tile Rctified
Ageless Bianco Chanel 29 x 89cm
Ageless Gris Chanel Ceramic Wall Tile Rectified
Ageless Gris Chanel 29 x 89cm
Ageless Marfil Ceramic Wall Tile Rectified
Ageless Marfil 29 x 89cm
Ageless Perla Ceramic Wall Tile
Ageless Perla 29 x 89cm
Ageless Marfil Chanel
Ageless Marfil Chanel 29 x 89cm
Ageless Perla Chanel rectified ceramic wall tile
Ageless Perla Chanel 29 x 89cm
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